Family Development Services
Family Development Services  

As part of our organization’s name, the word “family” signifies the important role parents and caregivers play in their child’s development. We believe that parents are a child’s first and best teacher. We encourage parents and family members to become actively involved in our programs and as classroom volunteers. Each of our centers offers the opportunity to serve on a Parent Committee that meets regularly and elects Policy Council members. This level of involvement provides family members with opportunities to share ideas and suggestions.

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I was informed about Head Start at an open house for special needs children.

One of the positive impacts Head Start has had is how very caring they are for my daughters, especially Yajaina.  When she had a seizure at school, they were very prompt in providing her the care she needed.

Head Start has provided my children with the skills to have better interactions with children, school readiness for Kindergarten and First Grade.   Head Start is reinforcing the skills we teach them at home.

One of my greatest experiences with Head Start was when the Southwest Center needed a new toy box.  They bought the materials and I was able to use my skills as a carpenter to build one.  Yeah!

Ahmad Perry Indiana May 29, 2015