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Prepare them to fill your shoes. We can help provide the foundation our children need to become future role models. Because we believe “a seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible.”

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Eskenazi Food Distributions


Monday- Eskenazi Health Campus

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Wednesday- East 38th Street and N. Arlington

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Friday- Eskenazi Health Center West 38th Street

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**Family Development Services**
**COVID-19 Health and Safety Re-opening Plan**

**Plan de Reapertura de Salud y Seguridad de COVID-19**

Head Start and Early Head Start Families,

 We wanted to reach out to you to let you know that we are in our last stage of planning for reopening.  Please be on the lookout for a letter in your mail with our fill reopening plan as well and dates and detail about the first day of school for children.  You can also check our website and our Facebook page for more reopening and first day of school details.  Thank you and we are very excited about having children back in school.

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Lesson Plan - English (Hyperlinks Included)Lesson Plan - Spanish (Hyperlinks Included)


This area is reserved for any special/emergency announcements!

Due to recent recommendations regarding COVID-19, Head Start will not reopen for the remainder of this program year.  Families are welcome to pick up children’s personal belongings and medication at centers on Friday May 22; Wednesday May 27, and Friday May 29 between 10am-1pm.  Families are encouraged to call the center prior to arrival to expedite this process.  Families will remain in their cars and items will be distributed curb-side.  Head Start will reopen for the new program year in August 2020 and more information regarding the reopening of Early Head Start will be updated on our facebook page and website.


Debido a las recomendaciones recientes con respecto a COVID-19, Head Start no reabrirá durante el resto del programa de este año.  Las familias son bienvenidas a recoger las pertenencias personales de los niños y medicamentos en los centros el viernes 22 de mayo; Miércoles 27 de mayo, y el viernes 29 de mayo entre las 10am-1pm.  Se alienta a las familias a llamar al centro antes de la llegada para agilizar este proceso.  Las familias permanecerán en sus coches no tendrán que bajarse, y los artículos se distribuirán desde la banqueta.  Head Start reabrirá para el nuevo año del programa en agosto de 2020 y se actualizará más información sobre la reapertura de Early Head Start en nuestra página de Facebook y sitio web.


COVID-19 ruang ah Head Start cu tukum kharpi hlan ta pawl a taangmi kan program kan ong tthan ti lai lo. Nang thil le sii din ding te pawl Head Start ah nan chiah mi a um si ah cun kan center ah rak lak khawh a si lai Friday May 22; Wednesday May27, le Friday May 29 ah nazi 10am-1pm kar lak ah. Head Start ah nan thil nan rak lak ding a si ah cun rak kan chawn ta te u nan rak rat hlan te ah. Thil nan rak lak tik ah nan mawttaw chung ah nan rak um lai ii sayamah te nih nan thil cu an rak in pek hna lai. Head Start program cu August 2020 ah kan on tthan te lai. Kan on tthan dingmi a kong lam pawl le Early Head Start kong hna cu kan facebook page le websit ah kan rak tar te hna lai.


Hello Head Start and Early Head Families,


Family Development Services will be providing 10 nutritious snacks for each Head Start and Early Head Start child that is currently enrolled in the program. Snacks will be distributed on Friday May 29, 2020 from 11am to 1pm. The parent or guardian of the enrolled child will need to pick up the snacks. Your pick- up location is the center that your child attends. In an attempt to minimize personal contact we are asking that prior to arriving to pick up your child’s snacks,  please write your name (parent or guardian), your child(ren)’s name and classroom on a piece of paper that can be clearly displayed in your car window.  Also please use this time to drop off your home school connection packet. Staff will be available to collect your packet as you pick up your snacks. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Hola familias de Head Start y Early Head Start,


Family Development Services proporcionará 10 refrigerios nutritivos por cada niño de Head Start y Early Head Start que esté inscrito actualmente en el programa. Los bocadillos se distribuirán el viernes 29 de mayo de 2020 de 11am a 1pm. El padre o tutor del niño inscrito tendrá que recoger los refrigerios. Su ubicación para recoger es el centro al que asiste su hijo. En un intento de minimizar el contacto personal, estamos pidiendo que antes de llegar a recoger los refrigerios de su hijo, escriba su nombre (padre o tutor), el nombre de su(s) hijo(s) y el aula en una hoja de papel que se pueda mostrar claramente en la ventana de su automóvil. Gracias por su paciencia y cooperación.


Hello Head Start le Early Head chungkhar hna,


Family Developement Services nih hngakchia ei awk phun 10 cio Head Start le Early Head start hngakchia  a kai lio mi caah a kan pek. Mah ei awk pawl hi Friday May 29, 2020 ah nazi 11am in 1pm tiang pek a si lai. Nu le pa a si lo le hngakchia a zoh khenh tu nih a rak lak khawh kha ei awk pawl kha.  Na rak lak khawhnak hmunhma cu na fa a kai nak hmun ah khan a si lai. Hi ei awk nan rak lak tik ah pakhat le pakhat I neih tuk I chawnh lo nak ding caah  ca tlap in nangmah min (hngakchia a nu le a pa min asilole a zohkhenh tu min), na fa a min le a khan number (classroom number) kha rak ttial law nan mawttaw thlalang cung ah khan rak benh u. Ei awk pawl nan rak lak tik ah kha ca kha an rel lai ii Sayamah te nih nan mawtaw thlalang in ei awk pawl cu an in pek hna lai. Cun, hi caan ah hin inn ah ca tuah ding sayamah te nih an pek mi hna zong kha an dih cia mi nan rak kan pek tthan hna nak lai kan in nawl hna. Sayamah te nih kha caa an tuah cia mi lak ding zong khan an in ngah hna lai an sianginn hmun ah cun.

 Lungsau te in le kan chim ning te in na ka tuah piak lai caah kan I lawm tuk.


Please review the safety resources below!


Coronavirus Parent Letter - English    Coronavirus Parent Letter - English

Coronavirus Parent Letter - Spanish   Coronavirus Parent Letter - Spanish

Coronavirus Resources                       Coronavirus Resources


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